AKI Center (formerly KI DANCE School and Commercial Art); As its name suggests, it is a meeting point where scenic arts, corporal expression, art and entertainment converge.

Neisma started this space as a project of entrepreneurship, where without hesitation this space was created for what she calls it, one of the pillars that keep her present in the artistic field.

As a result of the multiple tours she has made so far, she decided to create this innovative center in Mexico City, where different styles and parallel projects are taught and converge.

KI DANZA was distinguished in 2011 for its innovative proposal, now the successor to a legacy of stories told, a staff of trained and professional teachers as well as truly distinguished classes, becoming the boom point of many teachers.

Every April the KI Dance Exchange is held inviting the best teacher as speakers.

Masters who have formed and continue being a part of the legacy:

·James Kelly ·Francisco Garcia (Panchito) ·Cesar Luna (Chicharito) ·Jonathan ·Castillo (Torito) ·Dana Canton ·Itzel and Stefano (Capoeira Angola) ·Manu Martinez ·Alex Carbajal ·Cesar Landeros ·Antonio Aceves ·Brenda Leyte ·Gerardo Morales (Chano) ·Miguel Hernandez ·Osvaldo Beiro / CUBA ·Carlos Garcia K-L ·Alina Carbajal ·Gerardo Alvarez ·Jorge Alvarez ·Maria Meneses ·Victor Ruiz · Pedro Gea ·Chava Carbajal ·Nora Marines ·Julia Arce ·Lalo Vargas ·Jorge Castillo ·Mariano Villarelo -To mention some

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