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Hello body, my name is Neisma Gabriela Avila Gallardo (Walker), I am a dancer and I became a therapist because the road was not easy in the field of art and sports, and if I needed help to understand why I was living what I was living . In my city, the beautiful port of Mazatlán had done what it wanted, and around the age of 9 my parents made us see the importance of having the freedom and confidence, that as long as you enjoy it and set your mind to it, everything is possible in your lifetime. I lived everything that was possible in Mazatlan, including my life (at 8 years old I almost died, don't be scared, I was born again), I got to know sports (better than dance at first), I traveled at an early age (for fun , I learned to have no limits and a lot of creativity), passion, art, bulimia, anorexia, awards, the need, enough, having it all, love, disappointment, transition, intuition, the talents that I inherit from my parents, differences and respect from the family, ``workajolics``, outstanding family members, distance, separation, helping others both people and animals, what is a lie, security, tranquility, always telling the truth, we are a family With great talents and the game, the unconditional support and the sense of humor in the family make up what we are today, a great family. At the age of 21 I moved to Mexico City, I wanted to know how good I was as a dancer, I didn't settle for being told. I had finished my degrees, Dance with Honorable Mention and finished it in 2 years, and Basic Education as a teacher with Honorable Mention as well (my mom and sister have a lot to do with this last story); but there is no doubt that ``I wanted to eat the world``. I moved to Mexico City on July 15, I learned about other aspects that I will tell you about later, aspects that also led me to be considered one of the best dancers, in 2011 I entered a third conscious crisis (where another twenty fell on me). ) where there was no way out for me in any aspect of my life, but towards myself. And just as I am reborn, AKY CENTRO is reborn with me.



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    ·1996 She participated in the opening of the IV International Meeting of Academies in Havana, Cuba, and in the V International Ballet Student Contest.

    ·1997 Third National Place in the III National Contest of Infantile and Juvenile Ballet.

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    Contemporary dance

    ·2001 Prize as Best Ballerina of the Choreography Contest "José Limón Sinaloa”.

    ·2002 Municipal Recognition of Cultural Merit as a student of contemporary dance at the Municipal Arts Center.

    ·2003 She was part of the stable cast of the company DELFOS Contemporary Dance, with whom she made several national tours to countries such as Brazil, Canada, Italy and the United States, as well as she served as a teacher of the * EPDM.

    ·2004 Founded Cyclades with the sole purpose of providing dancers and Sinaloa artists a space of professional level culture.

    ·2004 She was a member of the Mexican Association of Dance Teachers, C.A.

    ·2004 Taught courses at the Dance Center of Sicily, Italy as a teacher.

    ·2005 Choreographer of the Ensemble of the International Dance Festival "José Limón" in Sinaloa.

    ·2005 Honorable Mention to Choreography "Entre Silencios".
    Co-Choreographer Sonora Institute of Culture. Sonora, Mexico

    ·2010 Co-Choreographer and captain of assembly. "I mexico". Bicentennial of the Mexican Revolution. Le Petits Fracais France-Mexico

    ·2015 Prize for Best Choreography and Best Costumes "Fridas". Culiacán, Sinaloa.

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    ·2010 Black Ties, Burlesque. Dancer and co-choreographer. Fat Crow Room Antara. Mexico.

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    ** Scholarships

    ·2005 Fellowship of the FOECA (State Fund for Culture and the Arts) of Sinaloa.
    2006 Prize to the Young Example of Sinaloa. Culiacán

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    Commercial Brand

    ·Corona. INTERFOROS Model Agency. Mexico City.
    ·Brand: Suavel. INTERFOROS Model Agency. Mexico City

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    ·Telcel, Panasonic, Nextel, Coca Cola.

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    TV Shows

    ·2005-2008 TV AZTECA. DANCER. Dancing for a Million, BAILARINA Y CO-COREOGRAPHER Desafío de Estrellas, Academia USA, La Academia MX.

    ·2005-2008 TELEVISA DANCER. Dancing for a Dream, Another roll. ASSISTANT CHOREOGRAPHY. Dancing for the Wedding of my Dreams.

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    Latin Rhythms

    ·2014 Latino Mexico Project.
    Co-choreographer and dancer.
    Salsa. Mexico.

    ·2015 2B INSPIRED. A Unique Divas Fest. High heels teacher (Streep Up). Mexico.

    2022 Rumbamena LLC Company of Latin Rhytms. Dancer.

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    ·2015 3rd place Latin Open Regional.
    Jair Genchi and Neisma Avila.

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    Musical Theatre

    ·2008 Victor-Victoria The musical. Assembly Insurgentes Theater.

    ·2014 TODAY I CAN NOT GET UP, THE MUSICAL (Mecano). Dance Captain, resident choreographer, ensemble, cover. Aldama Theater

    ·2017 Dirty Dancing Mexico. Penny, main dancer, cover. Moliere Theater.

    ·2017 The Other Side of the Bed. Choreographer and assistant director. Chapultepec Cultural Forum.

    ·2018 The 40 The Musical. Choreographer and Assistant Director. Chapultepec Cultural Forum.

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    Cruise Ship

    ·Choreographer. V Iberoescena Platinum Awards.
    SPAIN-MEXICO. 2018.

    ·Havana Musical.
    Norwegian Cruise Line.
    Bliss Theater. Dancer

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    Currently rebuilding herself day by day to share something different.


Sinaloa, Mexico.

·2004 Bachelor of Arts in Dance. Mazatlan, Sinaloa. Mexico.

Graduated with honors.

National Pedagogical University, Campus Escuinapa. Sinaloa, Mexico.

·2004 Bachelor in Science in Education. Escuinapa, Sinaloa. Mexico

* PDSM. Professional Dance School in Mazatlan* PDSM. Professional Dance School in Mazatlan


(Concerts in the world of the show):

·Thalia (Mexico),
·Shakira (Mexico),
·Marco Antonio Solis (Mexico, South America, Central America,
United States / MSG, Gibson, Patriat Arena,
Mandalay Casino Resort, HP Arena, Savemart
Arena, Allstate Arena, American Airlines Arena,
Toyota Center, Dodge Arena, Coliseum, Ector County Coliseum,
Sandia Casino, Cricket Wireless Amp., Etc.),
·Gloria Trevi (Mexico),
·Raul Di Blasio (Egypt, Lebanon),
·Lucia Méndez (Mexico),
·Yuridia (Mexico),
·Emmanuel (Mexico) ,
·Ninel Conde (Mexico),
·Samuel Castelli (Mexico),
·Victor García (Mexico)
·Reigen Miller (New York), among others.


Talent Management

(In Mexico, including productions from Spain and USA)

Choreographer / Assistant Director / Talent




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